Digital Designer

Beartooth + Can You Hear Me?

Beartooth is a hardcore-punk band who instills hope and positivity into their music for those who feel left out from the world.  Can You Hear Me? (CYHM?) Is an international online community for teens and young adults who can come together and talk their struggles, having their voices heard, and breaking the mental health stigma. 

This was a student project aimed to create a set of products (ie: poster, cd jewel case, tickets, stickers) that could be used as an exclusive invite to a benefit concert involving both the band and the non-profit.   I paired CYHM? and Beartooth together due to the similarities in each parties overall message.  All of the details such as date, time, and location where at my discretion.   Type treatment and hierarchy where imperative in this project.  Although I do not normally do print work this was a good experience to give me an understand of the process.