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Breaking Free Redesign


Breaking Free Redesign



Breaking Free is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to help women out of the violent life of prostitution and sex trafficking.
The non-profit’s website was out of date, lacking good organization and failed to meet its target audience successfully.

Tasked as a class assignment, I rebranded and completely redesigned the site from scratch. Starting with research and wireframes and ending with a website that met the design standards of today and its target audience.

Goals & Objectives

INFORMATION ORGANIZATION: Effectively organize content that users can understand and navigate through with ease.

UPGRADED AESTHETIC: Bring the overall design and flow up to modern standards in a way the reflects the brand.

TAKING ACTION: Present directly actionable information for users to contribute both monetarily or through service.

Left to Right: FAQ page, Landing page, About page

Left to Right: FAQ page, Landing page, About page



RESOURCE HUB: The site now acts as a hub of information on Sex Trafficking and Prostitution and presents ways to get involved.

REFRESHING PRESENCE: The non-profit’s website now presents itself in a safe, uplifting manner, in coherence with the brand standards.