Digital Designer

Marion Design Co.

In the Summer of 2016 and 2017 a team made up of passionate educators and young volunteer designers (creative interns in 2017) were lead to create Marion Design Co. a Community-based Creative Studio focused on empowering the people of Marion, Indiana.  We set up shop in an Old Bank and began our work given the task of a citywide rebrand.

During the first few months, we were deep in research, study and discovery of our community, and other communities similar.  We discovered the good, bad, and ugly stories of Marion, IN and what it would take to get what seemed to be dying (but still fighting) city back on its feet.

During my time at MDCo. I spearheaded the city website ReDesign/Development with my mentor and friend Luke Anspach.  We faced the challenge of redesigning a site that had been uncared for and pushed to the side by multiple Mayors and their Cabinets year after year and as a result we faced a site that was broken in ways one did not think would be possible.  You can find the work I did while at MDCo here.